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backtagging: i will always, my speed varies. if i drop a thread it's probably because i lost my keyboard in a pile of empty ben & jerry's pints, always feel free to bother me at a new thread/message me/whatever

hugging/kissing/flirting: i, the writer, am up for anything. will, the character, is absolutely not because he's an in-denial grouch, but i fully encourage friendly hugging from anyone who wants to do that. i don't often write out smut, but i'm not opposed to romantic overtones or outright shipping if it evolves naturally. platonic touching is my all-time fave, give me excuses i dare you. that said, if it's going there, have a kink list.
fighting/injuring/killing: you are welcome to! will is an ex-cop who is often going to have his gun on him, but i'm incredibly laid back about fighting mechanics in rp. scuffles are a-okay, i'm always fine with minor injuries and we can discuss anything more serious.
using telepathy/mind reading abilities: absolutely! i love that! will is going to hate it! do it anyway!! let me know how your character's telepathy/empathy works so i can make sure my narration feeds you what you'll need.

warnings/notes: will graham has a lot of vivid imagery in his head - he himself isn't murderous but he's been practicing getting inside the heads of murderers for years, and there will be spill-over from it. if gorey imagery or death bothers you, let me know! will also is able to read people to a practically-supernatural extent, like he is an info-modder extreme, so i'll try to work with you OOC to make sure we're on the same page about what it's reasonable for him to be getting off your guys. i prefer using it as a casual way to throw drama in, not to lord info, so trust me when i say it'll only ever go as far as we want it to go. :)

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